6 Jan

SAIDU Program

Soft Amass India is trying to provide the best opportunity to the students through the SAIDU Program which is designed to accelerate our education industry.

The education industry is undergoing momentous renovation. With the fame of video platforms such as YouTube, and massive open online courses, the number of students in the classroom is deteriorating. Education is becoming a multi-dimensional and persistent opportunity, and open to people of all age, characteristics, education level, socioeconomic strata, and gender. The description of the ‘student’ is varying, and now this amplifies, assorted group expects anytime, anywhere, and lifelong learning.

Education institutions willing to line up with the times and instigate their digital renovation journey will need to improve their technology infrastructure by adopting comprehensive supple Digital services architecture.

SAIDU Program is created by Soft Amass India to transform student's futures with next gen snazzy technology to empower the future of our society.

The 21st century brought a revolution in student’s life, with the internet as an instant and always-on source of learning. As digital technology offers edgeless access to education, students get to experience customized, fascinating, and asychronous learning.

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