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Accelerate Research
Our education solutions, technology & consulting can help you improve teaching effectiveness & student outcomes, accelerate research discovery & innovation capabilities, and maximize operational efficiency.
Radical Changes
The "learn, teach and measure" value chain that addresses students, teachers and parents is undergoing radical changes due to both technology innovation and government regulations.
An ease of access to the Internet, popularization of smart phones, explosion of social networking and growth of online repositories have combined to open new avenues for content delivery in the form of eLearning.

Smart Learning

New technologies, coupled with changing attitudes and student profiles, have broken barriers to put together everyone — from parents and faculty, to third-party information providers and regulators. Social media, instructional design, and joint platforms are just some of the ways to stay ahead in this learning revolution.

AI’s incorporated solutions selection, partner ecology and depth of experience gained from working with leading education publishers has uniquely positioned us to help our customers in the education segment achieve their goals and objectives.

  • Depth of experience gained
  • Working with leading education platforms
  • SAI’s devoted centres of excellence for content publishing
  • Build customized education products
SAI customized education product
customized education product