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key of Marketing

The key challenge for today's marketers is to provide the right message at the right time through the right channel. Maintaining brand consistency, coordinating with multiple internal and external service providers, developing actionable insights that reflect a complete and accurate understanding of the customers and speed-to-market are clear challenges.

SAI Connected Marketing Solutions aim to bridge marketing and IT, providing reality-based innovations-delivered in partnership with our customers, marketing organization, leveraging global best practices and deep domain expertise, thus enabling you to engage, measure and optimize interactions with target audiences across all the touch-points.

We can help you achieve greater business agility by optimizing your processes to achieve marketing operational efficiencies and harness our innovation and delivery capabilities to generate value from your investments.

  • Innovations-delivered in partnership with our customers
  • Achieve marketing operational efficiencies
  • Achieve greater business agility by process optimization
  • Right message at right time through right channel

core features

As consumers embrace new technologies and emerging channels, these provide newer means for marketers to connect with them.
The solutions allow for enhanced marketing velocity, an overall increase in Return on Marketing Investment and enable you to tap the evolving digital channels.
Enhanced ability to engage, measure and optimize interactions with customers by delivering connected digital brand experiences.
SAI Enhanced marketing velocity
Enhanced marketing velocity